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  • Should I approach an ex competitor?

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  • Katie

    October 25, 2021 at 3:23 pm

    Hi all, I operate a professional development company that provides in-person training. To reach a wider audience, I contracted a dev team to create an online learning platform that offers the content that I typically lead in person as online modules that my customers can take at their own pace wherever they are. My main competitor in this space just let go of the individual who spearheaded their online learning division. I am not in a position to offer a full-time position but think this person has valuable experience and insight on how to not only build up my business but also how to exploit the weaknesses of my competitor. My question is, should I approach this individual? If so, what should I be mindful of? What questions should I ask? Thanks all in advance. – by /hq/summerofmilhouse – –

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