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  • Should I be CEO? Finding what cofounder I need

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  • Christine

    September 13, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    I’m creating an online learning program I’m super obsessed and excited about. So far I’m bootstrapping and outsourcing to get the platform and first courses developed. No partners. The **concern** crossed my mind that when the efficacy of this method is seen by competitors they can adopt it and scale much faster and stronger than I’d be able to. Ok. *Even if that’s needless paranoia*, I want this to grow as **swiftly and effectively** as possible. The best way to do this with **cofounders** but I’m having trouble figuring out who should deal with which responsibilities I’m not interested in getting much profit or even credit. I just want this to *exist and be as effective and accessible as possible*. I want to get a lot of courses made and make sure users are truly, provably learning. I’d be fine finding a CEO for competitively growing the business, but I would never want popularity or profit if it meant the courses were less effective. Reasons for me being CEO: I want to keep the direction of this program true to its original goal. The core method and purpose can’t change. (I’ve read CEOs “steer the ship”) Communicating with marketing and tech dev in order to stick to the above reason appeals to me. I’ve led teams in the past (but for creative projects that don’t require business knowledge) Reasons for me not being CEO: I’ve read CEOs are responsible for “navigating competitive waters” and “keeping the business plan/budget”. I don’t know what those officially entail. Are these skills I should develop through research/experience, or *not risk it*? I might be biased towards putting all the budget into making the courses (bootstrapper here). I don’t know much about legal/finance/operations. While I definitely want to decide and guide the development of new courses, someone else might be better at hustling, holding us to scaling as fast as we can. Is the CEO responsible of scaling/speed of growth? As for other roles: * Find a CTO, or continue outsourcing development? * Find a CMO, or outsource marketing? **Short Version:** I just want this program to exist and work as well as possible, regardless of credit/profit. If I had it my way, I would spend all of my time just starting new course/projects, collaborating with course and tech developers, and optimizing our courses, making sure they are as effective as possible—and not spend my time/mental faculties on anything but that. I could use help staying competitive and growing quickly, not to mention deal with legal stuff (classification/permits/tax/IP/patents/copyright/contracts/privacy policy/idk) Who are the 1-2 best kinds of cofounders to find in order that I could achieve this? – by hq overview jackchak – –

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