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  • Small business with bad personal credit

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  • Charles

    September 12, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    My wife and I have a small Tack Shop ( Selling equipment for horses riding and livestock ) we own our home outright as well as our truck but need close to $25,000 to buy more inventory and also for the buy in on a few more vendors we would like to carry . But we have bad credit. We tried using a local bank to refinance the truck for $18,000 and it’s valued at close to $40,000 and even with a co signer she was unable to get the loan because of her credit . We have tried the lending trees but have gotten no where . Is there anywhere that does non conventional loans that we can explore ? Our house is valued at close to $120,000 but due to the design of it we couldn’t get a loan on it when we first bought it due to it being non conventional home. We have the market covered in our area with the closest competitors over a hour drive a way and they are a bigger box store and the local companies are big box stores that won’t carry the unique inventory that we are carrying as well as the customer service we can provide by sitting down with them and 4-H groups and getting better pricing on special orders ( as in the club buys a large ticket item at close to cost where we miss out on $100 but the send their members to use for the supplies they have to have and we make $60 off of 15 kids ) so I am looking for a lender that I can use what we own outright to help build our business out – by hq overview billbart25 – –

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