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  • So I want to take on the club

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  • Charles

    July 27, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    I’ve been an exotic dancer for 15 years. I love the business, the people, the politics, all of it. I’ve sort of took it as my career. The owner of my club whom I’ve been working for on and off for all those years, does not want the club anymore but also hasn’t really advertised that he is selling it. I asked him last night if he was open to the idea of my taking it over with some training. To my great surprise, he seriously told me could see me as owner. I’m a dancer, I don’t even have credit cards because I live frugally and if I can’t buy it with cash, I don’t need it. I buy all my cars used with cash, I have no credit, all I have is 15 years worth of passive experience in watching. I don’t know where to even start but I know that I DO want to do this. The business is already established, 30+ years as a sports bar and the last 12 as a strip bar. Good rapport with the community and very few law enforcement shows up since there are few fights, robberies or other damages. How do I go about starting this? Do I start with a sit down with the current owner? Should I form an LLC? Should I take on a partner? How do I calculate how much I should apply for a business loan? Is GoFundMe an appropriate option? I need help and this was the best place I could think of to get a preliminary idea of exactly what I’m getting myself into. Because I want to, I’ve toyed with this idea for the last 7 years and an opportunity has just presented itself. How can I learn succeed? – by hq overview ThatSquareChick – –

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