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  • Someone on WhatsApp is impersonating me in a fraud

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  • Teddy

    September 30, 2019 at 8:17 am

    There is someone on WhatsApp pretending to be me. He is an admin for a group with about 200 contacts (currently 203) in it. He is representing himself as me (using my name and a picture of me). He is soliciting money from people in the group for some type of fraud. I became aware of this group because someone in the group (a potential victim) contacted me.

    The problem is that the creator of the group has the settings so that only their account can send messages to the group (except for occasions where he lets accounts that I suspect are “plants” post that they’ve deposited money to encourage others to do the same – if you post that it’s a fraud during these periods, they delete your message and remove you from the group). Anyone can join via a link (don’t want to post the link here to give it any more exposure).

    Since then, I’ve emailed WhatsApp to try get the group shut down They are quite slow-moving which is frustrating. WhatsApp has no customer service telephone number or anything of the sort besides the support email address. I’ve filed a police report. I also went to a Facebook office in my country (not the U.S.). It’s just a sales office but they were nice and tried their best to help, logging some kind of internal report of the issue.

    Any suggestions on what can I do to get this group shut down?

    – by hq overview RichReads

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