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  • Starting a Shipping Service for IT companies.

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  • Margaret

    November 30, 2019 at 12:39 am

    Companies that deal with lots of Hardware often deal with making the long drive to a local Microcenter. Or just stock up. But they can find themselves in wait of often 3 days waiting for a order to come through via shipping, because paying a technician a hour to go there, and hour back, is too troublesome. I am proposing same day shipping for these companies. I would be stationed at Microcenter, or any local vendor. And wait for the orders to come in. I would have windows, say anything ordered before 10 AM, will get there by 3, anything ordered before 12 PM, get there by 5. I would be able to supply them with the hardware same day, instead of wasting money on precious employees. As a add on, I’ll be shipping equipment to the client site, that way, they don’t even have to carry the equipment there. Now comes some questions, I am thinking of doing this alone at first, with only 2-3 IT companies, even then, it may not be efficent enough to break even, but perhaps just to test the waters. Do I charge per shipment? Should I start this off as a text based forum? Or an online form be better? Do you see this having potential? Should I in the future look into renting local storage units locally with already purchased tech to ship locally faster? Last one, how do I bill them? Should I simply take the orders in, then send them a bill every 2 weeks? Or per month? Or just charge them the same day? I was thinking perhaps $10 per order? Or is that too much or too little? – by /hq/NewAddendum4 – –

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