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  • Starting a story-driven subscription box

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  • Christine

    October 26, 2019 at 12:03 am

    I’ve looked through a lot of posts regarding starting up subscription box business here, but they all focus on the selling of products as a subscription. I’m interested in starting one that is story-driven in the same vein as some of the mystery/ detective boxes out there, that would also include documents/ pictures and “real-world” tat to basically make the whole story feel authentic, like it all came out of the world. Currently I’m working under the three acts/ six-package story arc that would therefore span six months. Right now, I’m just focusing on developing some stories before moving on to the next phase. ​ Does anyone have any experience with this type of business model, or advice on ways to set up stories like this? Any feedback from those who subscribe to these types of boxes? ​ Another question – a lot of these mystery/ detective sub-boxes feature ‘escape room’ style puzzles to figure out. From my experience and research with other boxes, I don’t feel that, often, these puzzles feel organic to the story/ mystery in a lot of cases, but are there only to serve as something for the subscriber to do. For example, I did one where we were asked to help in a missing person’s case, and we had to decipher some encoded message. The message turned out to be further instructions, which just made me think “you asked for our help, why would you encode this information?” Maybe I’m overthinking it. But as such, I find I have a harder time incorporating these types of puzzles into the story. Of course this all depends on the story, as others might be better geared towards there being puzzles to solve. But finally, my actual question is this – how important are these puzzles to anyone who participates in these kind of sub-boxes? Do you like just having something to do, or would a good story/ mystery be enough? Would this question be better served by asking it in the Subscription Box sub-hq overview? – by hq overview Count_Hazard – –

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