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  • Startup questions or tips for landscaping business

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  • Charles

    October 28, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    I’m not sure how to begin so I’ll dive right in. I’m in my 20s with 10+ years experience in landscaping/horticulture and would like to get my own truck and trailer going. Concerning the expense of equipment I’m lucky to already have a truck and some tools I need out the gate. Only looking for small used trailer to haul two mowers (can work on the Z’s) that I may find for cheap. I have enough of a residential client pool to invest confidently with some commercial possibilities from my current boss (supporting of the idea) who gave me some idea of what the taxes/insurance cost yearly. Two great coworkers/friends are all for this idea and would like to help anyway they can. I have excellent credit and currently halfway paid off my second 3k loan. I have about 5k in assets that I’d like to sell soon to add to savings. My main question is how should I get this ball rolling the best way possible? Otherwise tips/tricks from others that have done something similar or in the same line of work would be very appreciated. I can talk numbers with my banker but I’d like some answers from those at the helm of their successful business. If I wasn’t clear I’ll be happy to reiterate as I’m doing this on the fly. – by hq overview Gonzo_das_Gonzo – –

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