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  • David

    August 28, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Company name – The Golden Ledger, Where Money is No Object This tagline sums up the concept quite nicely. The website serves to replace trade by introducing a new, far more efficient system. A system based on generosity. The way it’ll work is a little complicated but the way you use the website is very simple: After making an account you request things. You could register a business account and request 10,000 roof tiles. This request is placed in a list and you will receive a message saying something like “Your request is in 24th place in the roof tiles category for your area”. To raise your position in the request lists you simply fulfill other people requests. This website will be great for construction companies who have lots of wastage. It’ll be great for any company with wastage. It’ll also be great for startups. At the moment, mankind is not trying to work to its maximum efficiency, we are trying to work for maximum profit. Products are given lifespans, inventions and discoveries are withheld, trains and buses drive around empty. These inefficiencies will be non-existant once this website starts picking up pace. Any help or advice that you guys can give will be very useful. We are not sure about the branding, site name and tagline. We havent got a graphics designer yet. We could do with some experienced business advice. If you have any contacts in a company that would benefit massively from this system then you would be invaluable as advisors. And of course, any help you give will be rewarded on the site once its complete, why not. It would also help our site grow if you use it to help with your startup. Coding has almost begun on the site, we expect it will be live in 2-3 months. Once we take over the world we will give this website as our own contribution to be run by the elected governments. (We have some great plans to get them onboard, after a few months we plan to start paying all government employees a wage on our site). – by hq overview YadiJavadi – –

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