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  • BusinessMag

    May 29, 2021 at 11:44 am

    I have an incredibly noobish question. So dumb, in fact, that I can’t google my way to an answer. For context I’m using Django, but I think it’s a general question. Given a site with a lot of static text (“the history of our awesome startup”, “how to make cake from gravel”) where the users may want to change the text at infrequent intervals, where would you store this text? I first thought the obvious answer was a database with an admin interface to change the text, but I’m running into a problem with formatting the text (specifically formatting links with HTML so words become clickable like this). The types of problems I’m running into tells me I’m doing it wrong by using a database for this. I can disable code escape for the whole chunk of text, but I think maybe this is a bit of a security issue. So where do y’all put your big chunks of static text that may need to be changed by someone who isn’t a web dev? – by /hq/Knirkende – –

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