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  • Sticker Printing: Buy My Own Printer or Outsource Production

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  • Katie

    October 26, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    I want to print and sell sticker packs, say the same 50 or so individual designs in each pack. To stay competitive with other sticker-pack sellers on Amazon, I was hoping to do this as cost-effectively as possible so I could sell the packs under $15-20 and still turn a decent profit. Should I (A) try to outsource these 50 different designs, buying 100 of each from a printing service, shrinking my margin, but saving money on equipment and possibly discovering my target market isn’t as profitable as hoped? Or should I (B) buy the sticker printer and cutter directly $2000-3000), freeing myself to print as many individual designs as I want at cost? If option (A) which printing service/website should I use and how many stickers per design should I print to maximize savings? If option (B) which printer and cutter should I buy? – by /hq/thomashearts – –

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