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  • Stop job search to brush up on digital?

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    November 21, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Hi marketing friends, Seeking your advice. I’ve been in direct mail (read: mostly copy writing and project management) since 2013. Before that, right after college, I spent 1.5 years working at a small marketing firm doing a variety of things (advertising, copy/creative writing, event coordination, direct mail, etc.). Whatever was needed for me to gain experience. I’m currently looking for a new job, and while I’m looking to write more (it’s what I do best), a lot of the positions involve digital marketing to some degree. However, I haven’t done much digital at all, and what I did do was in 2012, so I’m woefully behind. So I need to brush up on my digital (website management, advertising, SEO/analytics, email, etc.), but I still really want to find a new job. In your experience, how much does previous digital experience really help when moving to a new position? I know this will differ from company to company, but…I’m trying to decide if I should put off the job search for a little while I brush up on my skills, or if I should keep trying to find someone to take a chance on me as a writer/project manager with very little digital experience. Ideally, I’d do both at the same time, but I’d like to have a life, too. With a new job, how much digital marketing on-the-job training should I expect, if any? I’m curious about your thoughts/experiences. TIA! 🙂 – by /hq/pbsammichtime – –

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