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  • Struggling to find Jr. Dev job – any advice?

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  • Maverick

    October 30, 2019 at 10:47 am

    I got a really sweet jr. front end developer job earlier this year only to be laid off four later in April in due to downsizing. I’ve applied to well over 150 jobs since then and have not gotten any offers. I took an unrelated data analyst contract job in July because, well, I’d been unemployed for three months and was down to my last $200. The feedback I get the most consistently is that they like me, they’re impressed with my resume, but they need more experience. So I’m really struggling to find experience without having experience. My area of knowledge is in the MERN stack from my certificate. I worked heavily in the major CMS’s (WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla primarily), and have some basic SQL, Python, and SQL. I’m working to get better at React, as well as striving to expand my knowledge to the back end. I live about 50 miles out of Boston, so that would be my closest market. Firing off my resume has not worked. I’m not sure if it’s my resume that needs work, if it’s the fact that I’m looking to leave my current role so soon, or if there are certain projects I should work on. I’m adding more networking events into my schedule (including a day-long free code camp event this weekend I’m looking forward to), and trying to find projects to work on or ways to improve past projects. Or if there are adjacent jobs I’m unaware of that could grow into a dev role. I’ve been working with two recruiters, but they don’t have anything other than DBA roles or developer jobs looking for senior level experience. It’s hard to stay encouraged when it’s been almost seven months and no bites. I’m severely depressed to be quite honest, and feel like I don’t have any hope of a career in this field, making all the money and time spent a waste. I guess I’m looking for advice, encouragement, or something. – by hq overview zetterbeauty – –

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