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  • Task Blocking for Many Employees (resources) W/Dependencies

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  • Charles

    September 13, 2019 at 11:48 am

    Hello – for planning the initial phase of my retail bakery, I am using excel to organize the abundance of 15 minute tasks that need to be completed per week. Each week pretty much repeats. Is there software that would do this PLUS allow me to link the tasks that are dependent to previous tasks. So below – if I dragged “fill pastries” earlier “make filling” and “add to piping bag” would move earlier as well. It would also be nice to track the employees total working time. Here is what I do now,as an example. Tuesday Wednesday Employee 1 Employee 2 Employee1 Employee 2 2am Roll dough Make filling 215am Fill dough Add to piping bag 230am Shape Dough 245am 3am Bake Dough … Fill pastries Project Libre isn’t quite granular enough, me thinks. – by hq overview buns4buns – –

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