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  • Charles

    October 29, 2019 at 8:32 am

    I know, none of you are professionals. But personal opinions are very welcome. On Jan 1 this year I decided to try out affiliate marketing, I spent money to create a website and signed up with Amazon associates and some others, and it didn’t make a ton of money but it did earn. I ended up doing it again in June and still just small amounts of money from that but they both still exist and are growing. Personally, I’m wondering what you would do? I didn’t even make enough to cover my overhead on the sites, but I intend to upkeep them as I am starting to see growth and next year have potential to make decent money. Do I need to start an LLC? Should I get a accountant or at this small of numbers (we’re talking less than a thousand in both expenses and earnings) can I just use TurboTax and claim it as business earnings? Any advice is appreciated. I intend to keep these sites and earn more on them next year (which is very very likely given the trend in their analytics), should I then in Jan create an LLC? (I also freelance sometimes using UpWork but if I have an LLC I can change it to be a business cost/earning – not sure if that is helpful or not). – by hq overview jarnold910 – –

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