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  • The Importance of Hashtags (#)

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  • Charles

    October 30, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Hashtags are vital to your marketing success, notably when you don’t pay for a promotion on social media. Hashtags increase social engagement, the potential for a follow, they give you the ability to market your product, and they produce a website flow through your social account (have website presented often or this will not happen). If you don’t know how to use a hashtag, or what a hashtag is, then this forum post will help you. A #hashtag is used to reach an audience that applies to your businesses brand. Hashtags show up in search bars that people can follow, just like they follow #social #media accounts, so its important to use them the correct way. You don’t want to use irrelevant hashtags because social media members may report you for this. Certain keywords trend towards broad audiences. You need to search for the keywords that have a large audience and fit your business in order to get top market results. When using your hashtags, you need to use short keywords that apply to your businesses brand. You also need to use at least one unique hashtag that will make your page and post different than others. Quick Guide to using a Hashtag 1) Be short – Don’t use too many words 2) Be Specific – Don’t use words outside of your service, your brand, and what the picture shows the viewer 3) Be within your brand – Don’t post something that has nothing to do with your business but will generate followers, these followers are not the audience you want or need 4) Find broad market hashtags – For example if you are a cooking business you will want to use something simple that contains a big audience such as “food”. Many people will follow this hashtag and post of this hashtag so it will contain a larger market that applies to you. – by hq overview topsocialcommunity – –

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