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  • The issuies of discoverability in saturated markets (games/apps)

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  • David

    October 29, 2019 at 6:02 am

    If we take the video game industry as an example. The video game industry is a rapidly growing industry due to technology advancements and has made video games to a mass phenomenon. The diffusion of today’s technologies has created and expanded the video game market, both demographical and geographical, which has attracted more customers and increased the intensity of the competition. Companies in the industry have to professionalize their marketing processes and business strategies in a more flexible and quickly fashion than before to be able to stay competitive. An overcrowded market with thousands of products released every year creates problems for actors to get recognized. “The ideal is “discoverability”: to be noticed, to be talked about, to be anticipated and to be desired” (Parker, 2018). I know the rules about not to do self-promotion, but I completed my master thesis in order to try tackling this problem in a field research by looking into if start-ups could adapt corporate brand strategy, as in “corporate brand identity” in order to lay a foundation for its brand core with an intention to be able to be more competitive and to be recognized, which could be read here. However, I would like to discuss the topic of discoverability to see if it is possible to address this on a wider scale. On the scholar level, the topic is uncommon and has little scientific depth. However, discoverability has some similarities with double jeopardy (marketing): Small market share brands are at a disadvantage, relative to large market share brands (Chaudhuri, 1995, p.27). What action could new tech-developers, such as game developers or other software developers take to be able to be discovered in a highly competitive market? Do we see any possible new platforms in 5g that could help tech-startups to be able to be recognized? Or is it only up to each individual start-up to find it is own way to be discovered? What is your experience with the issue of discoverability? How did you tackle it in your start-up? How did you became recognized on the market, when others did not? ​ //Fluff – by hq overview Lovelyfluffybeard – –

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