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  • Mateo

    May 31, 2021 at 9:48 pm

    Here I stand at the foot of the mountain, gazing at it’s majesty and wonder. Like the others I’ve climbed before me, yet unlike any of them. Each of those taught me each step is like another. I will conquer the mountain by little efforts each day. That ultimately I will succeed. Whether by kindness, patience or persistence. All learned from previous endeavors. Yet… Unlike the rest, unlike the others; I know that this mountain will change everything. Once I start up this forest trail into the beginning. I will not fall back, I will not turn away. I know this, nothing ever will be the same. Is this why I can’t move, why I feel rooted to this place. I have the supplies, I have charted the course. With maps and knowledge to guide the way. I have done all I could to be ready for this trek. I know what the peak has in store for me. It’s frigid crisp clean air. It’s bright majesty with all the world at my feet. Yet I still stare, yet I still gaze. Thinking is there something more I can do. Is there some other task I can accomplish. Is there anything more to be done… All of creation at my beck and call. Yet still I gaze… – by /hq/Boarders0 – –

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