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  • The risks of transferring well-ranked content to a new website

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  • Deborah

    July 13, 2022 at 4:08 am

    Hi everyone, I have an SEO dilemma that I’m interested to hear your opinion on. We have a B2B website that receives a decent amount of organic traffic. We’ve been increasing organic sessions by 100%+ year-over-year for the past 6 years and we expect 500k organic sessions this year. The main drivers of organic traffic are our long articles (guides), but we do have many other types of content resources. Now we’d like to consolidate our content resources by creating a separate website (hosted on a subdomain) where we would transfer all of our content resources (guides, webinars, downloadable templates, …) from our main website to (the main website will then remain with only product-related pages). It will essentially be a membership site with certain resources open to all (the long guides since they bring the majority of organic traffic), certain resources will be semi-locked (webinars, templates) and certain resources will be completely locked (courses, etc.). If a visitor would like to get access to a locked resource, they would need to create an account. Then they would get access to all resources. Of course we would create 301 redirects from the main website to the membership site for all transferred resources. The membership site should in theory then acquire the Google rankings that the main site now has for content-related keywords. But what I’m worried is that we’d have two websites that would somewhat compete with each other for rankings (although there would be no duplicate content and they would target different types of keywords) the main site would lose authority and consequently raking for its keywords the membership site would start from scratch and would not regain the rankings that the main site now has for the content keywords I’m not sure how much of a drop in organic traffic to expect if we do this. I think 20% or 30% would be acceptable, but 50% or 60% or more is a different story. I’m interested what you guys think about this. – by /hq/zigamilek – –

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