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  • Deborah

    February 15, 2020 at 7:47 am

    This is a story that breaks my heart to have to tell. This is a true story. This is not some short story for attention or a publicity stunt. This is the story of Damon. If you don’t like long reads, I’m sorry. There is no short way to tell this and have it make full sense. We need to start at the very beginning: the backstory. We will go through one event at a time. Just trust me when I say, read this. It will make sense why I’m telling all of this detail when you realize what’s happening.

    So it all started when I met a girl named Brianna off a dating app. I know, I met a tinder girl, never a good way to start a story lol. Truthfully there was never any intent from either of us to date, you know how it tends to go. We had our fun and we bonded really well as friends, so we would chill on occasion and talk about life together. We would go to clubs and act stupid, drive around at night, etc. As friends we got along well. I am a music artist, and I started showing her my music and she connected to it. She became one of my local fans, bumping all of my new releases, sharing videos I post. Eventually, I received a comment on one of my songs from someone named Damon. He said that his cousin (Brianna) sent him my music and he was a huge fan of it.

    The thing about Damon is that we connected on one specific thing: sickness. A prominent theme in my music is the story of how I got hurt back in 2017 and ended up chronically sick from it. Damon goes on to tell me that he was in heart failure and his whole body was dying from it. He was a similar age to me, only a few years older. We talked for days and days via email all about our lives and conditions and how we have managed it. Within the time of being sick I had never truly felt like someone understood. He understood.

    After getting to know each other a bit more, he told me he had a connect in the music industry. This was something he actually said in his original comment but not in the context of sharing it with me. He knew a well respected famous rapper (will not say the rappers name out of respect to said rapper) so we will nickname him Rapper. Damon and Rapper grew up together long before he got famous, and Damon wrote lyrics on occasion, and he told me he was partially responsible for one of his songs becoming a hit (he wrote half the song for Rapper). So Rapper owed Damon a lot for that. Damon being sick and not having a long life expectancy, meets me, also a rapper, creating awareness on health issues etc and pulling through this ungodly pain. Damon wants to help me. So Damon contacts Rapper and tells him to reach out to me, directly. Then… he just does.

    I received an email from Rapper and we would talk for a while about our lives and my background as a music artist and the extensive resume I’ve been building. He wanted to help me out and work on a song together and give me a HUGE push in the industry. He felt I was worth it and had star quality. To be honest, I’m not an ego-driven person. But I know my worth and I know I have star quality. I have built a legitimate resume and dedicated my whole life to this. So when he told me this, I believed him. Damon was in my ear telling me to take up on this opportunity to it’s fullest, regardless of where it goes.

    Things start to get crazier here

    I was at work one night (I work in an emergency room as a nursing aid/tech) and Damon started acting very weird. Not responding right, telling me he was having pains in random body parts. Within an hour he was unresponsive from a heart attack. I’m calling him, texting him, begging him to keep breathing and call 911. He couldn’t give me his location, all I got from him was the town he was in. They tried pinging his phone when I called 911 and they couldn’t find him. I reached out to his cousin (Brianna) ASAP and she was able to reach his mom. His mom went and found him there and I was told he was still semi-conscious. He ended up in the ICU. I was left with very little info until he was awake enough to talk/text me back. This happened on a full moon. He died on a full moon. As he was dying on me I walked outside, looked up, and saw it.

    He didn’t remember much of this, but it brought us close. I was the only one that tried to save him. He felt he owed everything to me now for saving him. Rapper wanted to help me 1000x more now for saving his best friend. As dark as this was, Damon was alive, I bought myself a lifelong friend, and I just bought myself a ticket into the music industry. I was confused and overwhelmed, but excited.

    He was not allowed visitors while in the hospital due to a mental health crisis he had while there. See, Damon had very, very bad parents. Mom and Dad were both druggies. His Dad was abusive. Damon had a younger brother he told me about, that had shot himself in the head as a teen. Damon was the one that found him. While Damon was in the hospital, his dad slipped him a knife and told him to kill himself too. Damon got caught. So no more visitors were allowed.

    Side note: When Damon told me about his brother dying, I reached out to my friend Eric, who lost his daughter to suicide, and he became a public speaker. Eric reached out to Damon and talked to him for me since he has been through that kind of grief. Eric did it out of respect for me and Zoi, his daughter. Using her story to help him through this.

    Anyways, Damon was scheduled for a heart procedure to get done to help fix him up and prolong his life. After a week of waiting and praying that he would come out okay, on the DAY OF the procedure, his dad showed up and forced him to leave AMA. Privately threatened to hurt him and his mom if not. So Damon did. He never got the procedure.

    Damon was taken down to his Dad’s house a state away from us, and was living in a drug house. Damon had his own drug issues. So this was a bad place for him. But as a druggie himself, he didn’t wanna leave. He refused to let me see him there for my own safety and his Dad was holding him hostage essentially. He wouldn’t let him leave to go out with friends. Only work.

    Damon did not want to meet me for a variety of reasons. Primarily the fact that… he was dying. I understand this feeling to an extent. It is very hard to make friends when you fear not waking up. Him being a selfless person and such- he didn’t want to get too close to me if he could die any day now. He didn’t want me to see him sick. So we kept to texts. Only on one occasion did I call him, and when we did, we talked for like an hour on the phone about everything. He had a crappy phone though. Texting was a lot simpler for him lol.

    So he’s being held as hostage down there now. I’m trying to get him out. It isn’t working. This becomes the norm now. Rapper is trying to get a song with me going but he’s also a famous fucking rapper about to go on tour and was insanely busy. The plan was to get Damon back into a hospital. So we made plans for a certain weekend. I was gonna pick him up myself and drive him to the hospital I worked at, so I could keep an eye on him and reassure him of the staff there, etc.

    Two days before this was supposed to happen, his mom overdosed. She died. He was a mess. He was suicidal. He was depressed. He was hurt. So, say goodbye to our hospital plans. He had a funeral to book (by himself, bare in mind, since his dad didn’t care). He buried his brother and now had to bury his mom. Words could not describe how miserable he was and how badly I felt for him. I would sit here begging him to stay alive for SOMETHING. ANYTHING. What kept him alive was his girlfriend that he had a child with. The kid looked up to him, she was only 2 years old. They needed each other. So this was his will to live. Out of respect, Damon was still grieving, so I reached out to my best friend. He lost his mom to cancer when he was young. I asked him for advice on how to cope with this and how I can be the best friend possible to Damon. He opened up on some dark, personal, heart-wrenching feelings in order to help Damon.

    However, one night, he lost control. He sent me his location being on a bridge, and for hours he was contemplating jumping off it. I didn’t have the heart to call the police on him. He trusted me more than anyone else. So instead, I talked him down myself via texts. I promised him I would make a song for him that would inspire him to live. I spent two days working on it 24/7 with no sleep to get it done in time, before he did something he would regret. Things like this are why we got so close. I made the song. It hit him hard. But it worked.

    The night he texted me on the bridge, there was a full moon. He was suicidal during the full moon. I went outside when he was about to jump and I looked up and saw the full moon.

    Things evened out a little after that… Rapper had to leave for tour soon, we were unable to get a song done in time, but he wanted to spend a lot of time on it, so we planned on doing it after the tour. I was still talking to Brianna, mostly about Damon. She was kinda the middle ground to all of this since she introduced me to him. She cared about him a lot. More than anyone else in his family. They spent time together whenever they could.

    I convinced Damon to actually meet up with me one night. We were gonna chill and bump some music, get some food, etc. Until Brianna got hurt. Brianna asked me if I was working at the hospital, and when I said no, she asked if they did “rape kits there”. Obviously we do, so I said yes. She got hurt at a party and needed Damon to pick her up and get her out of that mess. Our plans got cancelled. They spent the night at the hospital together. She didn’t want me to visit and Damon didn’t want to be bothered there, so I went home for the night and texted both them. She told me her nurses first name, roughly the side of the ER she was in. Basic info.

    Damon was roughed up by this and had a long week ahead of him. So instead of meeting again, he introduced me to a friend of his. Her name was Maxine. Beautiful girl, nice personality. He kinda played matchmaker for the two of us. Her and I flirted for a while and planned on dating in the future. She was just out of a bad relationship so she wanted to text for a bit first and get to know me better. Fair enough. I wasn’t in any specific rush to date either lol. So, fuck it.

    To recap, Damon is pretty much held hostage in a drug house, I’m talking to Maxine, Brianna is in the background talking to all of us, his mom died, his brother was dead, Brianna just got raped, his dad was an abusive heroin addict. Damon was dying. Rapper was on tour. I’m dealing with my own sickness. I’m confused.

    I’m confused because, my best friend is in my ear telling me something wasn’t right. Nothing specifically was wrong. Just something was. We couldn’t put a finger on it. A lot of plot holes. Weird stories. Coincidences. So much tragedy.

    I have Damon in my other ear begging me to let him die. How could I let him? How could I let any of them down? He was a brother to me at this point. He. Was. Saving. My. Life. I was going to save his. Again.

    Side note: in the midst of this, I had an online friend I was talking to. She was a good friend of mine. I’ll use a fake name for her: Amanda. We flirted a bit and she was gonna visit my city to meet me. After a lot of sexual talk, there were thoughts of what may happen, but truthfully, we were friends, and that was always most important. I told Damon about her, and… well… he knew her. Indirectly. Damon’s friend Erica was a mutual friend. Erica was also a mess (druggie friend group of his) but apparently had BAD issues with Amanda. Erica is telling me that Amanda has an STD that she was hiding from me, and was likely going to try to give me it. Without telling me about it. So now Amanda is trying to get me sicker??

    Damon tells me to stay FAR away from her. Don’t let her visit. I was mad at Amanda but I didn’t know how true it was. Damon tells me that if I tell Amanda that I know about the STD, then she will know Erica told me… if Amanda knows Erica did that, then Amanda will expose Erica on something she claims to be “horrific”. If that happens, Erica told us she will kill herself, using suicide as a crutch. We couldn’t risk that. If Erica DOES kill herself, Damon is telling me he will off himself too. He couldn’t handle losing another friend of his to death/suicide/drugs/overdosing or whatever. So I’m forced to ghost Amanda without a single word. I literally was faced between talking to her, or two people dying. I understood, but didn’t at the exact same time.

    So, this was happening back when Damon was in the hospital (before drug house). The story goes that Erica snuck into Damon’s room while he was sleeping, took his phone, and messaged Amanda AS Damon, telling Amanda that I myself fell in love with someone else and didn’t want to talk to her anymore and that I didn’t have the heart to break her heart and tell her this. So Erica, pretending to be Damon, tells her this instead. Amanda was very upset about this. She was no longer involved in my life. I was furious, but couldn’t really do anything about it…

    Going back to the main story now. I’m trying to save his life and get him out of the mess he’s in and show him hope, yet, SOMETHING wasn’t right. Something was just fucking wrong about all of this. Nobody could figure it out. I grew to trust him so much, and Brianna was a good friend of mine that I also trusted. In my head, I didn’t want to question anything about this. How do you question the death of a mom? Death of his brother? Rape? Abuse? Drug addiction? You can’t. You simply cant. But my gut was telling me something wasn’t right.

    I would question small things but Damon always had an excuse, or a good reasoning for it. Maxine did the same thing. Brianna did the same thing. Rapper did the same thing. Too many people with good reasons. But you know what was weird? Really weird? If you forget about the excuses, I never actually met any of these people. Only Brianna. I never once got to meet Damon. Only pictures of him and his voice. Maxine was new to the equation. She sent me pics, but when I talked to her on the phone, it just sounded… off. Like a voice changer app? Robotic sound? It was half fake, but also half real sounding. I was sketched out.

    Damon, a close friend of mine now, is reassuring me that they are just sketchy people. That’s it. They don’t mean it to be like this. Damon was sick. Maxine didn’t know me well enough. Rapper was busy on tour/couldn’t pay much attention to me due to his daily obligations. One day I would meet all them and everything would be alright.

    But I didn’t believe him. Not anymore.

    I started investigating, and reviewing stories and things that were strange. Damon told me his phone was a “work phone” to later have him tell me he works at a bar and that this is his cell phone. Hospital policies not adding up to the stories from the hospital. Medical procedures not being accurate to how they normally are. For the record, I work in a hospital. The hospital is telling me there was nobody in the hospital with his name, anywhere. He was not anonymous either. Psych precautions were not adding up to how they should be. Maxine was being sketchy. Rapper would ONLY text and email me. He wouldn’t prove himself. Damon’s phone was not traceable either. Why? Things like this were digging into my brain.

    So he told me where he works, thinking I wont show up there since we were such close friends and he trusted me to not meet him per his request. I showed up. He wasn’t there. Maxine also worked there, by the way! She wasn’t there either. As he’s texting me saying he’s making drinks for people, we told the manager there and showed pictures of them and she was sketched out by us because she had no idea who the hell these people were. She didn’t recognize their names whatsoever either.

    For non-disclosable purposes I cannot say how it was discovered, but I can assure you Brianna was not in the hospital herself that night of the party. There was no nurse working that night with the name she gave me. Her room number didn’t make sense for the unit she SHOULD have been put in. Weird how Damon wasn’t at his hospital either, right?

    At this point I am certain something was wrong. They weren’t telling me something. But what…

    I am playing along with all of this now, searching for answers discretely. Brianna wanted to go out to the club with me one night, Damon asked me to go and keep her company, so I did.

    Here’s where things change.

    I pick her up, of course we talked about Damon, of course it was the center of everything. The vibe felt off. I could sense a little bit of paranoia from her. She knew that I knew something wasn’t right. I had told Damon that plenty, too. He knew I was sketched out. But it didn’t phase him much. He just told me we would chill sometime soon or I would meet up with some of these new people.

    We are at the club, and I noticed something. Something weird. Brianna kept hiding her phone under the table. I was texting Damon and on rare occasion he would answer back. Whenever she hid her phone. See, Brianna likes to drink. She started drinking. And drinking. And drinking. Losing focus. Getting comfortable around me.

    I had a friend that worked there that found Brianna to be cool (was trying to get her to feel more comfortable since Brianna didn’t quite fit in at most clubs) so she told Brianna to add her on Facebook messenger. Brianna, drunk as hell, opened up messenger. She was signed in to another account. I see a logo at the bottom of the screen for Damon and Maxine’s account, as well as her own. IMMEDIATELY she signed out and signed in to her own, and added her.

    She got drunker. She then left her phone on the table to get another drink. This. Was. My. Chance. I had an idea as to what was happening.

    I texted Damon’s number with a very specific text. Something that wouldn’t be mistaken at first glance. Guess who’s phone lit up? Brianna’s. It was going to the TextFree app. My text was sitting right there in the middle of her screen.

    I understood now. Damon wasn’t real.

    I started realizing that whenever I walked away, Damon would text me. She hides her phone? He texts me. She goes into the bathroom, he texts me. It all made sense now. His phone couldn’t be pinged the night of his heart attack because it was a fake number. He had told me a friend hacked into his phone to make it non-traceable. Bullshit.

    I ran outside after telling her I needed to take a call and I called my best friend and started bugging out telling him I figured it out. He helped me understand this as a whole.

    Damon wasn’t real. Brianna was texting me this whole time. If Damon isn’t real, neither is Maxine. Neither is Rapper. Damon didn’t lose a brother to suicide. Damon didn’t lose his mom to drugs. Damon didn’t get abused. Damon wasn’t a sick and dying friend of mine. He wasn’t in the hospital. The heart attack was staged. Brianna didn’t get raped that night. (Damon didn’t take her there, nor save her, nor does any information back it up. It was used as an excuse to not be able to meet up with Damon, knowing I could not deny this reasoning ethically). Damon wasn’t suicidal that night on the bridge. Damon wasn’t my friend.

    Brianna was controlling all of these numbers. Fake Facebook accounts and messengers. She was Damon. She was Maxine. She was Rapper. Fake personalities. Fake emails. Fake everything. None of this was real. None of it.

    My heart was broken. But I finished up my investigations and eventually I met up with Brianna to call her out on this. She denied it. Terrible lying. She did a petty cry, called me crazy, said she would never do this to me! Oh never! Why would she wanna? She will prove these people are real!

    Guess what. She didn’t. She only caught herself in lies that night. When I kicked her out of my car and said to never talk to me again, she said fine. An hour later, Damon’s number texts me with death threats. Pretending to be real still. Telling me he will kill me if he ever sees me. That Rapper will blackball me in the music industry if anyone finds out about this.

    Well guess what. Fuck you. Fuck all of you. You made a mockery out of MY sickness. You disrespected Zoi. My best friend’s mother. You disrespected suicide, rape, abuse, drug addiction. Everything. You deserve the worst for this. Am I gonna put her public info out there? No. People will kill over this. But I want you to know that this story won’t go unheard. You took advantage of someone sick with nothing left to lose. When I was vulnerable. When I was weak. Things finally made sense when we connected with each other, and now this is how it ends.

    For readers seeing this, just re-read parts of this under the impression Damon is a fake personality. Remember Amanda? That was just a sick lie made up by Brianna to ruin her and I’s friendship. To prevent us from dating. To prevent us from unconfirmed sexual activity. Things we weren’t even certain on doing? Faking STD stories. Erica isn’t even fucking real.

    The only person that is real is me. Brianna is a psychopath. After thinking about all of this for months, the only understanding I can dig up, is two things. She is either a narcissist trying to create drama for someone innocent and vulnerable, or two: DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder

    I’ll be honest. Even after seeing the truth, the fake numbers, the fake stories, the fake everything, it still doesn’t make sense. It’s too much. Too many lies. Too much detail. Too many pics. Too much info. I believe there is either real people out there in her life she’s pretending to be, or she is making these people up in her head and doesn’t realize it. It’s a real disorder. She’s had full blown conversations between these accounts in front of me. Something is fishy about it.

    This haunts me every day and everywhere I go. That someone would do this to someone in so much pain both physically and psychologically. To someone that was willing to HELP. Help them with anything they needed and wanted.

    You may be seeing this post via hq causally, or you may have seen it as a link in the music video I did for this. I wrote a 6 minute long storytelling song about this. This is being used as clarification and to give further details.

    Thank you for reading/listening to it. But most importantly, fuck you Brianna.

    Fuck you.

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