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  • Charles

    October 26, 2019 at 8:47 am

    Just wanted to post this to start a little discussion with all who is struggling with their bussines. Be me. 26 years old. Trying to make a landscaping bussines because here (Portugal) the only way to live is to work for yourself or be stuck with 600-700 euros a month 9-6 job ( with 23% tax and CHEAPEST RENT 400 euros) And I am just in the middle of fighting my monkey brain, made myself a little landscaping bussiness page, cards, got the van, electric tools ( my niche because the expencive area obviously doesn’t like noise so all my tools are electric or manual) Been at it for 5-6 month and I STILL can’t bring myself to talk to owners at their house. I feel a bit bi polar in this regard, where I am super open, friendly and can even talk freely out and about and even promote my bussiness when I have small talk with people at cafes, shops you name it. Comes the moment I aproch a villa and my brain freeze my anxiety takes over and I can barely even walk up to mail box to drop my card and a little note at the back (just a little hello) And everytime I hate myself for it but never the less today I managed a okay job, been at some properties, left my cards, updated all my social media and tomorrow planning to go do community clean up with my wife by the beach (also my niche to promote the bussines a little and do good because people are animals here and literally leave shit and toilet paper in woods next to beach and other rubbish like bottles and food containers. Don’t get me wrong I am working in landscaping 4 days a week with my partner (little part time) but ofcours the money I make is peanuts comparing to what my partner is making even on me but that’s none of my bussiness, not my plate to look into and I am genuinely happy that he is doing well and I am able to help him with his bussines. So the point of this post is to promote a discussion, man I wanna know peoples struggles and how they over came them or maybe what you struggling with now and what ges in your head. TLDR: struggling with offering people my landscape services althou I have experience to back my words and I am not even THAT introvert to have anxiety of this degree but yet here I am… How is your Saturday going? – by hq overview YoutubeBuzzkil1 – –

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