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  • The Truth About Ranking A Website

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    September 29, 2021 at 6:28 pm

    Now the advice I’m going to share with you may sound very obvious; however, it’s important to keep this in mind when doing SEO for your business or a potential clients business because otherwise it will be very easy to get discouraged. I will also say I’m no SEO guru but I have had both current clients and other websites rank on the first page of Google in the past so take my advice however serious you would like. The advice is that it’ll take more effort to rank from the 2nd page of Google to the 1st than it will to rank from the 10th page to the 4th. Now the reason being is that normally when you get closer to the top of a ranking system you’re going to find other companies who also focus on SEO; whereas, everybody from the 4th page on either isn’t focused on ranking for those keywords or just isn’t focused on their SEO strategy making it much easier to pass them with the slightest of effort. Like I said to many people this will sound very obvious, but at the same time I’ve also seen many individuals both clients and experts alike become very frustrated when their site was climbing at such fast speeds only to be halted or slowed on the second or first page. Remember SEO is the long game and with more and more people focusing on adapting their digital strategies it will take time and resources to provide a quality SEO strategy. Hopefully this messaged helped somebody out there but just keep pushing along – by /hq/Juicetin1998 – –

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