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  • To all passionate, yet disappointed by the industry marketers – small businesses is your environment to thrive

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    October 30, 2021 at 7:08 am

    This is a follow-up to my last post – https://www.hq Marketing is a very complex field. Creating and implementing successful marketing requires not only at least a handful of people specializing in doing a certain thing good; It also takes a person who sees the “big picture” a directs specialists in a way that creates synergy. I won’t talk there about big agencies working for big clients. I have little experience with them, but I’d assume they have sophisticated structures prepared to deal with marketing tasks on the “big picture” level. I past work experience consists of various freelance jobs on the creative/creation part of things. In March i decided to start my own creative studio, and given that i had no budget, no client base and no agency working experience, my business is thriving, and while i have low work volume, if translating my project-based rate to a hourly rate, it’s way past the rate of 1% highly paid freelancers. Which is because there’s a underdeveloped niche, that i was lucky to stumble upon. A nich that’s large and easily accessible. Those are the small business, who can’t afford a big, reputable, high-end agency. The thing about agencies/freelancers working for small clients – people who can see “the big picture”, are pretty much non-existent in that environment. All they can do is a very singular part of marketing. And in vast majority of cases, it’s not done very well, because even if someone’s specializing in FB ads, it’s very hard to do well without much wider marketing knowledge and consciousness. And such low/mid quality marketing tactics are enough for many business. If someone’s selling a commodity and a competitive price, then a that has do be done is to show it to potential customers. Those customers already know they need what’d being sold, and low/competetive prices is an offert difficult to refuse. Such businesses will usually be able to generate sales without having a strategy. A website with UX that’s not falling apart and simple SEO/FB ads will be enough to generate revenue, unless the commodity business would like to scale to much bigger and more recognizable company. For this reason, i have pretty much zero e-commerce among clients. Fortunately, the market is much, much bigger than than e-commerce stores selling commodities. And you might think that those companies, non-commodity ones, are paying pennies anyway, because they are small. That’s usually true for a business that have just been founded. The owner wants to create his first website and don’t know much about running a business. Those people will usually search for the cheapest fish in the tank, as they just don’t know the difference yet. However, most of business have been on the market for a while and weren’t created in past 6 months. They already used services of many freelancers or agencies. And most likely, they have been burned. Probably many times. The marketing services they paid for didn’t get them what they expected, and often simply turned out to lose their money. And this is my client base. If you see the “big picture” of marketing, then you have something that almost no one on the “marketers for small business marketplace has”. If you have this knowledge, it’s very, very easy to stop holes in someone’s marketing strategy just by looking at their website. The branding isn’t consistent. The copywriting talks about features, rather than provided value. The UX sucks. The message is unclear. There’s too much text. The design is not up to 2021 standards. Etc, etc, etc. If you can spot those errors and explain them clearly to the business owners, that means you can do something, that almost no one among your competitors can. And if you’r able to prove and convince them that you actually know what your talking about and see and explain all those big issues their past agencies didn’t even mention, the client is yours. And he’ll be able to stretch his marketing budget to the limit and pay you 2, 5 or 10 times more, than the paid in past. If you only know your shit and will successfully explain it. So that’s my advice to all people who feel competent, but got drained by working as an agency employee. Go your own way. Because those small business owners literally can’t wait your services. – by /hq/piranha_studio – –

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