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  • To what extent am I responsible for “chasing down” my clients for information?

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  • Katie

    December 8, 2021 at 8:43 am

    (Sorry for the long post, TL;DR at the bottom) ——————— I recently started my own graphic design/social media advertising business, and I’ve actually been able to amass a good number of clients so far. And while some clients are more difficult than others, I often find myself running into the same issue with all of them. Basically, I offer my services (usually) on a monthly basis. The client pays for a month, and they get a certain number of posts per week to their Facebook/Instagram page. I go to their location, take some photos, and put it all together in photoshop to create an eye-catching ad. I also look at their statistics, make new profile photos/headers when needed, and just offer general guidance with regards to social media marketing. The problem is, these ads are set to go out on a weekly basis. For example, someone might pay for a month of services at a rate of 2 posts per week. So if they want something posted on Mondays and Fridays, I need to have drafts ready by Sunday/Thursday the latest. BUT, to even start on those drafts, I need to get information from them. It’s not even a lot, I pretty much just ask that they tell me what they want the post to be about, or what products they want to promote for that week. But even so, it is SUCH a hassle to get this info out of them. They ask to have a post ready by Thursday, but they won’t respond to my messages on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Then when they finally do answer, it’s a mad dash to get a draft ready in time. And THEN, I still have to run it by them for approval, which can take just as long. This is such a huge pain in the ass, because I really do care about my clients. I want to deliver a quality product, on time, and get a pat on the back for doing it. It’s just difficult to pull that off, when half the time I’m chasing after them for the most basic information, all so I can perform the task they’re literally paying me to do. I guess the question I’m asking is, how far should I be going to make this easier on my clients? I want to do as much as I can to help them out, but at this point it’s starting to wear on me and make me less efficient. I started the business so I could use my creative skills, but it seems like most of my effort is going towards getting clients to cooperate. So where do I draw the line and say, “not my problem”? Or even better, how do I improve my methods so I don’t run into this issue in the first place? I didn’t have this at first, but I recently started including a clause in my contracts saying that “content” for all posts is the responsibility of the client. That’s all well and good, but I still feel like I have a responsibility to get them to fulfill their responsibility, you know? But… do I actually have that responsibility, legally and/or morally? I’ve tried streamlining the process already, I even printed out a calendar so they can plan the posts out in advance. They still didn’t do it. I messaged/called them every day or two, they still didn’t tell me anything. It keeps happening over and over again, but they still always seem to wait until the last minute to get the information to me. Nobody has even actually complained about it yet, but as I start taking on more clients it’ll certainly become a bigger problem. It’s also very clearly a problem for me, even if it hasn’t become that big of a deal for my clients yet. I don’t want to disappoint anyone or cause extra stress for anyone, but more than that, I don’t want to start losing clients over stuff like this. I want to say “it’s not my fault!”, but I understand that my way of doing things is probably the biggest part of the problem. So- can anyone help me adjust so that both my clients and I don’t have to worry about it as much? ——————— **TL;DR I often find myself chasing after clients for the basic information needed to deliver my services. It’s starting to weigh on my mind and cause inefficiency, so I’m looking for ways to either get that information quicker, or remove the responsibility from myself entirely. – by /hq/JarJarJacobs – –

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