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  • Jessica

    November 25, 2022 at 5:53 am

    Today I’ll start to develop a project that’ve been in my mind for a while now. This won’t be the first time that I start a new project, in fact, in the last few years I’ve started several projects . In 2020 I created a tourism marketplace for hispanic people visiting Paris,France ( city where I live) with a concept between tripadvisor and civitatis.. it never took off, especially when I learned out about the regulations for tourism-related business in France, which can get very costly very quickly , so I decided to move on and to work on a project that alway kept a place in my mind, and that was…: opening a restaurant. Again , after a few months I realized the project was too expensive (especially in Paris and due to rent, where you basically need to give upfront x16 the price of the monthly rent) but also the more I digged into the project, the more I realized that I’ve just idealized the idea of owning a restaurant and that I wasn’t really passionate about it, and I believe that you need to be passionate about restaurants if you are running one. This took me to my current venture and which I launched at the beginning of 2022: an import and ecommerce business, where I basically source products from China, import them to France, and then sell them on Amazon europe. It’s not bad as business, however I think I can do more. Since I don’t stock any merchandise -it’s stored, handled and shipped by amazon- I have plenty of free time which can be invested in meaningful and more impactful project. The project that I’ll start to develop today will be an online job board for the spanish speaking markets, so it will include Spain and Latin America (almost 500M population). Why the hispanic market? it’s simple , that’s my mother tongue and I can be much more reactive on it. Why now? Simple.. I need a paycheck and my current company doesn’t make enough cash for providing me the life I want. I have a background in managing sales teams, I did it for a few years , the pay was OK but I was just dragging myself to work, the motivation was null and everyday was the same, no challenge. After my last experience working in a company I’ve applicated to other positions , in sales but also in Data Analytics, as I recently took a course on this field and which I felt was a good pivot in my career. Literally I’ve applicated to hundreds of job positions, in sales management and in Data in the last few months, with no positive answer yet. I know eventually I can get a job, but.. I just had this little voice resonate in my head and that said, wouldn’t be easier if you build your own job? I want to try again to build something, something that means something to me , I want to build it quick and to see how far it can go. I have two things that makes me believe this can work, I believe in myself and I count with the support of my partner. The reason why I’m writing this blog is for the only purpose of having a diary of what I have achieved and to remember me what my goals are with this project, I’ll be creating this in real time and sharing it in here so your feedback will be very much appreciated. The roadmap for launching this project it’s divided in two steps, in the first one I’ll create the website, in the second I plan to get the first customers. First step: 1-Creating the website: I’ll buy the domain today (still have to think about the name, it have to be easy to pronounce, in spanish , english and french ) 2-Using a wordpress theme: Yes, I plan to launch this site with wordpress and using a theme of job board. This is the easiest way to launch the site as quick as possible. I’ve used wordpress themes in the past and I know I can have it live in one day. 3-Translate the content of the theme in spanish: I can speak french and english but I’m native in spanish so I can be much faster in translating the content of the template in spanish 4-Make sure the website is well calibrated and there’s no problems with it For this first part, I plan to spend a week Second step: 1-Make the promotion of the site, get people to upload their CV’s to the platform. I plan to use linkedin for this , to make people visit the website. I plan to get in touch with students recently graduated and those peoples with the ‘open to work’ label. I haven’t thought about a number but I should aim to 1000 cv’s before I contact businesses 2- Get in touch with HR departments to propose our tool. I plan to have the lowest price possible at the beginning so I can attract the biggest number of companies possible. I have many ideas for the commercialization of the service but I think it requires an specific post that I’ll do in the future. Ideas are welcomed. The target market for this job board site will be tech companies with blue collar requirements, so I plan to target data analysts, engineers, accountants, customer care specialist, account managers and so on, marketers.. basically all the positions that you can find within a startup. In Latin America, the number of job boards and technology used is not as concurrenced and advanced as in Europe, there’s still a chance to have a place in this market and the needs are larger every day. Latin America-Spain will be the first market for this service as it’s the language in which I”m 100% operative and I can make cold calls , write , etc very fluently. The mid term objective for the next 2 months is to make enough MRR (around 1000€/mo – 1500€/mo) to hire a freelance for making cold calls and close those leads and increasing the MRR and eventually hire a second one . For doing so , I first need to close 15 customers at 100€, or 10 at 150€. I’m know that this will be difficult, and I really need to be clear about how I’ll get to that objective. For the next post I will show you the advancements I’ve done with the website. In the meanwhile if you have any ideas about anything, please let me know. Best – by /hq/ParisianCheese – –

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