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  • Top 10 Features of Nodejs Development

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  • Charles

    October 31, 2019 at 5:17 am

    Node.js is an open-source runtime JavaScript engine on the V8 JS Google Chrome engine. It does an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that delivers its lightweight and efficient E-commerce applications. Node Js is one of the leading JavaScript platforms for building an e-commerce applicationon the server-side in a real-time manner. Here are some important features of Nodejs Development Non-Blocking Thread Execution: Gain the Enormous Speed Non-blocking means, we can execute the code simultaneously without waiting for the end of the first level execution. The execution performs under the stack method. This conception makes node js extremely rapid and proficient. Multi-Threaded Node js is a non-blocking which means that all the functions deleted to that even loop and executed in a multi-thread that is handled by node js run time. Node js executes on a different core. Cross-Platform Node js is cross-platform significance it works on various platforms like Windows, and Linux. Node js developed with the proper structure can be packaged into an performable containing all its own dependencies. Build & Compile: Importance of Faster development Environment The main reason for node js is to build easy because it uses JavaScript as its main language to build web applications. Node js has decrease the complexity by performing 30ms to run the code. Object-Oriented It is object-oriented that frameworks like Coffee Script and TypeScript solved these issues but came as a bolt-on for those who seriously cared about coding standards. Synchronous Code Execution The synchronous method in node js mostly used in the blocked operation Non-blocking code execution is conceptually more difficult to code than code that runs in a straight line because we contain lot of code hanging around waiting for asynchronous events to return. Open Source package on NPM (Node Package Manager) NPM is the heart of Node Js. The Node community is huge and the number of tolerant open-source projects accessible to assist you save time is mind-boggling. Create both SASS, Service and Desktop Platforms Node Js offers Software as a service (SaaS) is a software model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and creates them available to customers over the Internet. In a cloud web application, there was a pretty demand for node js to be used for desktop applications. Front-end and Back-end Developers using the Same Language The front-end development code interacts with the back-end server to pull out the data on the front end UI side. The Back-end application directly interacts with the database via an application programming interface (API), which pulls, saves, or changes data. Having the backend and frontend skillsets merged, buts the brightest minds working together instead of pulling in different directions. Sockets and two-way Data Binding The two-way data binding is request and response. The clients asked a request to the server, the server responds to clients simultaneously. If one user changes some data, all the other users can be updated in milliseconds. NodeJS was the first to do it well and still does it better than any other framework. If you want to build an eCommerce application with Node Js? Then, Hire Webnexs Node Js development team. For more information, []( – by hq overview NandiniRamachandran – –

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