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  • Top 10 reasons for developing your e-commerce app on Flutter

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  • David

    October 31, 2019 at 8:32 am

    Any platform which conducts commerce of products or services online needs to be hyper-accessible. To be accessible, the platform needs to be available for all devices. Along with a website, this means mobile applications. For a user, it means searching for an app on an app store and installing it. However, from a business standpoint, it is a path laden with tricky choices, with different outcomes. The question arises, whether to develop the app natively or by using a cross-platform solution? If, it is crucial to have top-notch performance and scores of features, along with a hefty budget, native app development (iOS, Android), is the answer. However, if it is desirable to develop the app with better cost-efficiency and less time-to-market, with a tad bit less performance, then cross-platform is the choice. Flutter, React-Native, Xamarin, Adobe PhoneGap, etc. are the cross-platform solutions available in the market. Again, the dilemma plagues a decision-maker, which one of the above is best for you? From our experience, we’d say it is Flutter. Why though? 1) Backed by Google: Flutter is a project fully supported by Google, which builds confidence in it. Microsoft’s Xamarin and Facebook’s React-Native are in the same league too. If these three organizations are investing in cross-platform solutions, then at least it gives away the direction in which app-development is heading. 2) High productivity: Stateful-hot-reload, makes it possible to quickly reload the apps while in development. This feature is only available in Flutter and React-Native. Compared to all other app development methods, this gives a boost to the productivity of the developers. It also makes designers happy because they can see their changes instantly while the developers are developing the app. Read more : – by hq overview citrusleafin – –

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