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  • Christine

    October 31, 2019 at 3:03 am

    Hi! I love to search for treasures. Every trip with a metal detector, every line of the book in the archive, every story about family treasures – it’s like buying a full box of lottery tickets. Searching for treasures is not just about excitement. It’s a great fitness experience with great motivation – a whole weekend outdoors in the fresh air in constant motion and brain activity. Three years ago, I decided to give these unforgettable experiences to the residents of the cities. I started with Minsk (Belarus, Europe). The idea is that I hide treasures in the city myself. These are metal capsules with real money from $20 to $100. The places of stashes are encrypted with 6 photos of one street or park. In one of the 6 places, treasure hunters will find the treasure. Searching for the treasure is very easy. Understand from the photos what the street or park is. You can ask your friends or google panoramas. Come to the place and find 6 objects there. There will be a treasure hidden next to one of them. The capsule was hanging on a tree or lying in a hollow. Only hands are needed for search. All local news media have written a story about an idiot who hides his money in the street. They were right. The “idiot” quickly ran out of money. The excitement was huge. Hundreds of people were looking for these treasures. I hid 2-3 stashes a day. Then the “idiot” created a way to make money on it. Monetization was in the sale of hints. For $1 you could buy the first letter of the street where the stash was hidden. For another $1 you can buy the distance from the city center to the stash (for example: 3.65 miles). The third hint removed 5 unnecessary photos and left the one next to the hiding place. The hints were profitable to buy all together. But there is still a chance that the stash will be found by people without any hints. Posting announcements of geocaches in social networks was not relevant. My friend and I have developed a special mobile application. The application sent out a notification when a new geocache appeared in the city and when an old one was found. The app included photos of the stashes and you can buy hints there. Everything was fine. The audience of treasure hunters was growing and reached 50,000 installations of the application. People would send us happy stories of them walking around the park all day looking for a capsule. How they rode 100km by bicycle through the city, found nothing, but were very happy. The hints paid off only 1/4 of the money we hid. We started to think about alternative ways of monetizing. At that time, several companies approached us. They asked us to hide their products instead of money. We refused. Money is a versatile tool – all searchers need it. And discounts on auto parts or dog food to a few. We didn’t have time to think of anything, because we had problems. One of the problems was the balance of difficulty of the stashes. The easy ones were found in 30 minutes, and the hard ones could stay for weeks. When more than a dozen of complex stashes were accumulated, a team of professionals appeared. These guys found all the stashes in one day. Everything was fair, but people did not like it. So did we. Having spent additional funds – I recruited these professionals. Now they hid the stashes with us and got paid for it. Then scammers appeared in the project. People who bought hints and found nothing to accuse us of cheating. We showed them our financial statements. We gave contacts to people who found the stashes themselves. We started making videos of where we hid the treasure. And we showed it after we found the stash. Everything was in vain. A couple of thousands of people left dozens of negative reviews where they could. They killed our mood and made us mistrustful among the others. Plus these bounty hunters. And my money ran out again))) I decided to close the project in Belarus and try my luck in other countries. Over the past couple of years, I have come up with a mechanism that will save us from all the old technical problems. The main question is the mentality of people. Will it be interesting to the people of the USA? Maybe you can recommend other schemes of monetization of stashes? I need your advice to make an important decision – to move to the U.S. and hide the treasures there or not. Thank you. – by hq overview airevgeny – –

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