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Forums Forums Marketing Paid Per Click Trying to pin down the exact date that Google introduced Native Ad inventory. Can anyone help?

  • Trying to pin down the exact date that Google introduced Native Ad inventory. Can anyone help?

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  • Charles

    November 27, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Last year we started seeing our display impressions and clicks ramping up. Way up. Normally when this happens it can be attributed to some kind of change (budget increase, bid increase, new targeting), but this was happening all on its own and we could not find any answer as to why. In addition to the ramp up, we noticed our display click conversion rate going down at the same time (historically always 20 – 21%, and after the ramp up 16 – 17%). The problem is that our installs and product sales are not scaling at the same rate of the increased spend and clicks. My theory is that Google opened up Native Ad inventory around this time, and that the quality of this traffic simply is not as good for direct response as the traditional display inventory. Then while researching more today about it, I found this opt-out page: So now I am really curious about trying this setting and opting out, but I would like to have an idea on what kind of impact this would have, and how easy it would be to reverse and opt back in if necessary. I have split tested 10 Responsive Display ads for a couple months across some high traffic ad groups, making Test Ad A ‘Non-Native Inventory’ and Test Ad B ‘Native Inventory’ (this option is buried in the Google Ads editor but can be done here: The default Google puts on all Responsive Display Ads is ‘All formats’. After letting it run for several months I found some pretty shocking results but the main takeaway was the huge difference in ROAS between Native and Non-Native (0.83 across all non-native, VS 0.34 across all native – this is all display prospecting campaigns). Unfortunately, aside from testing like this in each ad group with split ads, there is no reporting feature Google offers to give you a high level overview of native and non-native ad performance (surprise, surprise – heaven forbid advertiser’s see how their dollars are being spent). So I reached out to our Google account manager to see if it is something the engineers can pull for us custom, and he was “very sorry” but he doesn’t have access to that data either. TLDR I am trying to pinpoint the exact time frame that Google started rolling out native inventory and see if it coincides with the date range that the clicks and impressions in our account started blowing up. Does anyone recall a Google press release on this change? – by /hq/master_jeriah – –

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