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  • Typically how long does it take to get any revenue?

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  • David

    October 27, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    This question might’ve been asked, apologize for potential re-posting. How much time does it typically take to get the very first customer, and how is it related to the business model and the problem being solved? (Meaning for some business it starts with revenue day 0, some will just take months/years, I don’t know) I would love to hear some real stories. Our story as the context: We’re making a B2C marketplace product, and having trouble bootstrapping the business. Neither me and my cofounder have any experience in BD, and all our cold emails ended up no response. This was about 1 month. We figured it’s because 1) we don’t have enough background to generate enough warm connections, and 2) we don’t have enough users for business to get interested in. So we decided to focus on growing our user base for now, and have a rough idea of how many users will get at least one business interested in talking with us. Another 1 month passed by, growing users didn’t go that well as I expected, and I’m really start to worry even with enough users, company might not want to buy whatever thing we’re selling based on these users, this is all assumption. We could talk to some potential business customers, sure, and we did, but all they’ll say is, “Sure, I can buy if you have enough XXX”. But that’s just talking. Seeing the money going down every day in the bank, I’m really worried this might never work, or I cannot see enough evidence we will make revenue ever or fast enough before we run out of money. I really want to see any whiff sign of revenue. I’m considering monetize the current users we have, and take a very lean approach: try different strategy/products with our existing users, make some MVPs with payment pages and test if they’ll pay. Maybe draw some inspiration from existing products with working business model on the market and try to see whether I can get some paying users. That way, I’ll be more comfortable that either this revenue stream can cover our cost giving us enough time to figure out the original business model, or this alone should be what we do instead of the marketplace thing which is very hard to bootstrap. What do you guys think? I greatly appreciate any suggestion on the general question or our specific issue. Thanks! – by hq overview shivawu – –

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