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  • Unusual/creative update/delete idea needed | CRUD

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  • Maverick

    September 13, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Hi yall! I’m learning frontend developement in a bootcamp, and our last task is to create a “real” project. It has certain requirements, one of them is to make a create/read/update/delete request. Any kind, and the requests doesn’t have to be related to each other. What i have in mind is a webpage for an imaginary music band. I have this idea a while ago now, i collected a lot of ideas about it. I will cover the create (sign up to newsletter, so i create a new record in a mailing-list database) and the read (read the tour dates/location etc. From a db and display at a tours section) part. For the update i was thinking something like getting the ip adress of the machine somebody browsing the page from, and store some kind of option, what the wiever can change ( like don’t auto play videos in the media section or something). Now i am not really satisfied with this, but at least i have something. What i am completely stuck with is the delete part. I can’t come up with something what requires a delete request other than like delete from a todo/list or deleting items from a shopping cart etc (the usual delete stuff). I tried to search the internet about ideas, but i always end up with booklist/meal tracker/blog kind of answers for CRUD apps. Could you help me finding a delete (and maybe a better update) idea.? I can figure out how to do it once i know what to do, i just simply out of ideas. Thanks – by hq overview Kricsi80 – –

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