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  • Update: WTF Capital One? Closing my Spark Visa account…

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  • Charles

    October 30, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Update to this post. Original letter from Capital One. Spark card commercial ​ Hey guys. Thank you all for the help and advice on this matter. I have contacted Capital One and wasn’t given any second chances and received very little additional information. The guy I spoke with did agree that it likely could be the spending at wholesale clubs (Costco) that the letter was talking about as having a high-cost to Cap1. I asked if I could have contact info or speak to somebody higher up that could take a closer look and he said no. I told him it was pretty messed up that they advertise to use this card on everything and that they are canceling my card for doing just that. He repeated that they weren’t making money with my high cost spending. I asked why I wasn’t warned and that I couldn’t find anywhere in their policies not to use their card at Costco or wholesale clubs, he had no answer. I asked if they could do another review at a later date after I stopped using the card at Costco and he said no. For me, I want the card for all our random accounts we use it for, not Costco. I can switch what we use at Costco no problem, but all our other expenses that my employees use the card for will be a major disruption. I mentioned their advertising multiple times. Their commercials say to use the card on everything and that you can use the cashback on advertising, healthcare and benefits for your employees. I do all of this with our cashback. He basically said I’m outta luck there is nothing I can do. He was nice and just doing his job but not having the ability to get to a higher person was annoying. He said he would send my feedback to somebody higher. I still think what they are doing is wrong. I’m sure I can use twitter and email to try and get to higher decision makers. Or cause a big stink on social media. Either way, still pissed here on vacation… – by hq overview airplanedad – –

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