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  • Updating theme. Losing custom styling.

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    October 27, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    Hey guys. I used avada theme to make a website a couple of years ago. I’m currently going through the process of updating the site. I am updating to the latest version of avada theme first. I backed the site up & then updated to the latest version of the theme. The website showed up, but the styling is all over the place! So, I have reverted back to the old version. I’ve done some investigating & it seems that to keep all custom styling etc I was supposed to create a child theme from the start (I didnt). I have downloaded the basic child theme & uploaded it to the theme directory on my local host to test. I’m not exactly sure what to add to it. My question is, can I create/ edit the child theme retrospectively so that when I update the theme again I can keep all the sites custom styling? If so, are there any articles out there that detail how to do this? I’m struggling to find one. (The more idiot proof it is the better please). Thanks – by hq overview quimilicious – –

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