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  • BusinessMag

    December 4, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    Hello, I have been developing an app for a client and they have a bunch of older field technicians (age 40-60). The client wishes to allow these field technicians to get onto the app (via tablets) without a need for a username/password, or at least to simplify the workflow for them, so they can easily access data on the app. Is there any suggestions or user-account implementation that will allow these users to use the app, but at the same time have some username associated to them while using the app. (i.e. Bob viewed this on 12/4/19). Here’s what I was thinking of doing. Send a link, the link will set a cookie that will contain a basic identifier (i.e. John Doe) and an access token in order to make GET/POST/PUT calls to my server. I really hate this because I think i’d need this cookie to never expire, and if they’d ever manage to somehow remove the cookie… well… I’ve also looked into passwordless implementations as well. Using their phone number as a username and receiving codes via SMS. I’d like to hear if there are some more common or creative methods to allow users into an app without needing some sort of authentication (yeah very odd…) Otherwise, I have already explained to the client that they may need to train the technicians to login to the app whenever they need to. – by /hq/HeuGamer – –

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