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  • Username in cookie is bad?

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  • Maverick

    October 29, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    Right. I got bored at work and started making a game in html, css, javascript, and php. It’s going to be, when finished, an updated remake of Strategic Commander for the now defunct Palm OS platform. Like I said: I’m often bored at work. Anyway, I’ve created the login system and was researching the creation of a “maintain login” cookie system. I get that people are dicks and on the internet even more so: security is important. But the one thing they keep harping on about is that no user information, whatsoever should be stored in cookies. I understand the reasoning behind the “maintain login” system but I see no harm in including the username in a cookie. As long as it doesn’t touch any other data, what’s the harm? The username is publicly facing on almost all sights that use them, innit? If I were so inclined, I could compile a list of nearly every user on hq overview simply by copy pasting all usernames on all posts page by page and board by board, right? So, what’s the harm of a cookie having that single piece of information on it? Where’s the security concern there? Oh no! You know a username that isn’t secret to anyone! Blast it all! Now we’ll all be hacked to death! I think those people are taking things too far, yeah? – by hq overview LBTT – –

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