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  • Kat

    September 11, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    I write long form blogs on obscure topics (mostly biotech). There aren’t many great places to market my blog, so I’ve considered being more active on twitter. I recently came across a couple good posts on using twitter to support your blog that I thought I’d share: How to use twitter to predict popular blog posts you should write: Tweet an insight, idea or quote See how many people retweet it If it catches, write a blog post elaborating on the topic This will help you test which titles will get the most shares. It can also help you figure out what posts to focus on so you spend less time writing things your audience isn’t interested in. Of course, this only works if you have a big enough twitter audience. The next post talks about one way to build a twitter audience: Getting 3,000 Twitter followers for Marketing Examples: Translate blog posts into Twitter threads You want to meet your audience where they are. It is better to use a twitter thread to summarize your post, then link to the full post at the end of the thread, than it is to just tweet the blog title and a link to your blog Example is this Fortnite thread: A Twitter thread can be a nice way to communicate the “bones” of your post. It’s almost like an outline-form version of your post Twitter threads get more followers than individual tweets Twitter is a scalable way to market your blog Twitter has a wider audience than any particular subhq overview, niche forum, or niche site SEO provides a fixed amount of traffic — it is limited by the number of people searching for terms you rank for Your twitter growth and blog growth can reinforce each other — use twitter to get blog subscribers, then retain them with your mailing list Twitter seems like a good tool for testing blog ideas and marketing your blog. I haven’t spent much time with it yet, but after reading these posts I think I’ll convert some of my best blog posts into twitter threads – by hq overview apricity21 – –

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