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  • Very strange issue in Firefox

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  • BusinessMag

    September 30, 2022 at 4:18 pm

    I have a text box that frequently updates and changes its value throughout the web game. Firefox is doing this really weird thing where even if I refresh the page, the text box starts with a value that isn’t set until wayyy into the code. And here’s the real kicker – even if I delete every instance of that value(making sure with ctrl f), save and refresh, it STILL does it! Not unless I completely close out and reopen the page. Can’t seem to recreate it in Chrome so I think it’s some weird firefox bug. Its a very long program so I won’t dump it here and I don’t think the issue is related to my code, doesn’t seem possible given that it’s still there even if it literally doesn’t exist in my code, but if you’re curious here’s the (incomplete) repo – by /hq/thedarklord176 – –

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