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  • Weekly Feedback and Support Thread

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  • David

    October 28, 2019 at 6:17 am

    Create something? Let’s see it! Feedback or Support Requester Please use the following format: URL: Purpose of Startup: Technologies Used: Feedback or Support Requested: Comments: Post your site along with your stack and technologies used and receive feedback from the community. Please refrain from just posting a link and instead give us a bit of a background about your creation. Feel free to request general feedback or specific feedback in a certain area like user experience, usability, design, or code review. Feel free to request support with hiring talent, finding a job/clients, recruiting a co-founder, getting your pitch deck made, or anything objective based that is specific to your startup. You can also receive advice and feedback in instant chat using the /hq/startups discord. Feedback Providers Please post constructive feedback. Simply saying, “That’s good” or “That’s bad” is useless feedback. Explain why. Consider providing concrete feedback about the problem rather than the solution. Saying, “get rid of red buttons” doesn’t explain the problem. Saying “your site’s success message being red makes me think it’s an error” provides the problem. From there, suggest solutions. Be specific. Vague feedback rarely helps. Again, focus on why. Always be respectful /hq/startups would appreciate your expertise on our discord. Support Providers Please post some background information about yourself and why you’re capable of providing support Feel free to share a relevant URL Be extremely clear what you are offering your support in exchange for: money, equity, barter/trade of services/products, or a mix of those–or if you are volunteering your support for free – by hq overview AutoModerator – –

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