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  • We’re 6 months after securing $1M+; here’s the biggest thing I learned

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  • Christine

    October 28, 2019 at 7:21 am

    Hey hq overviewors, A few months ago, I wrote a post about how three friends and I quit our jobs and started STEPS, a platform that lets people share information about places and things they love. Since then, things have happened pretty quickly. We secured more than a million dollars in our first seed round, expanded our team, launched, pivoted, and launched again. I thought I’d share some of my insights with people here because I think it might be helpful to others in this subhq overview. If you find this interesting or helpful, please let me know so I can write other relevant posts. The most important thing I learned: our predictions and assumptions about how the product ought to be were false. We spent months thinking about and planning each detail, but the real learning happened once we entered the market. User feedback was the essential factor in developing our product; we needed to get out of the conference room and into the field. Here’s how it happened: STEPS is a platform enabling communities to build customized maps by collaborating with their members. But it didn’t exactly start that way. We started with one map where anyone could add whatever they wanted – the jazz bar for the non-tourists, the hidden street mural, the best gluten-free cookies, etc. – all on one map. After launch, our map exploded with places and points of interest. Within the first two weeks, there were thousands of what we call “steps” added. People loved the idea, but they were overwhelmed with too much non-relevant information. The map was getting a bit messy. The jazz enthusiast found spots she hadn’t known about before but didn’t want to see all the gluten-free treasures on her map. We struggled to find an organized solution that would preserve our initial idea and keep the platform with just one map. We needed to pivot. Our platform had to be community and niche-based to best meet the needs of STEPS’ users. We had to adapt quickly and make maps tailorable to particular communities. So, we developed an updated product that allowed users to create and access unique maps based on their interests while staying on one platform. Communities can create, manage, and share maps made by them and built for them. Now, street food seekers can easily find their eats without seeing information about secret antique collections (unless they want to of course :). Our pivot and relaunch were successful. Users love the updated platform. But now we’re facing an expected challenge: how to engage community managers and contributors who can create, moderate, and attract users to their particular maps. I’d love to hear any thoughts and suggestions about how to face this challenge and, of course, answer any questions you may have. ​ ———– We made a short video to explain the app a bit more. If you want to take a look :): Download: Android: iOS: – by hq overview Baz0r- – –

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