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  • David

    August 13, 2019 at 5:34 pm

    Currently, I am the only employee, besides the founder at a bootstrapped, early stage startup. My path to joining this startup up has been a strange one and now I don’t know what I am. This startup is a bit of a passion for me. The company has had other employees who have since left/been fired, I’ve been involved with the company pretty much in some form since its inception. The founder and her company was a client of one of my previous jobs. That company went under and a group of us started an agency with this client in tow. As the employee of the agency, I built her web app myself. I then left the agency because it was a toxic place and joined another tech company. The client also left the agency sometime after I did and reached out to me about contracting me to do various tasks for her as a web developer. I contracted with her for about a year, the tasks becoming more and more frequentl, until I recently quit my full time job in order to concentrate full-time on the startup, with a salary and the expectation of equity. I am currently pulling a salary that is 52% my market value as a web developer. However, I am so much, much more than that. I am performing the duties of an fullstack/devops engineer, marketer, content creater, product designer, basically anything my employer needs.. She sends me tasks as innane as sharing documents with service providers or saving things to the drive. I manage the app developer contractor we have. To my knowledge, she handles advertisement, social media, and finding people to partner with. She is also funding the company. The company isn’t profitable yet. ​ I’ve been asking her about equity but she keeps postponing until she can valuate the company. Because she cannot pay me enough, I will be looking for another job, but because of my involvement, will be willing to continue working with no salary, in exchange for equity. ​ Based on my role- scope, what am I? She’s made it clear that I’m not a late-stage founder (this exists, I looked it up and she needs one), but I do too much for too little to simply be an employee, even a CTO. unless its normal for CTOs to do non-tech roles like marketing and content writing? How much equity should I have in the company, considering that I am not fully compensated and even willing to forgo a salary? – by hq overview BooBailey808 – –

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