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  • What are top digital marketing trends in 2021?

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  • Tammy

    July 15, 2021 at 3:13 am

    Artificial Intelligence There has been a lot of discussion about how AI will take every aspect of human workings but it is already in process. There have been chatbots on numerous websites and apps for solving queries of its users. Most of the content we are going through on different platforms are tweaked in such a way that helps your visitors to stay longer on your content. Thus, giving numerous advantages to digital marketers. Voice search Optimization According to recent research it is found that 55% of teenagers use voice search everyday to surf the internet. Not only teenagers but also adults are keeping up with trends. Thus, depicting the vast popularity of the feature. With the introduction of new features like amazon Alexa, google home it’s becoming a trendy and cool thing among people and it’s amazing how people are getting accustomed to these gadgets behaviors. Chatbots Chatbots are the most common trends of digital marketing that comprises AI. Now, with chatbots the digital marketers are there 24/7 being there for customers and viewers and connecting instantly with the first impression itself on pages. Personalizing your approach In the era of automated things, personalization has been crucial for businesses to content with their customers. The main focus lies on following an approach that may not feel automated but helps your customers to connect with what you are providing to them whether it’s in the form of a content, message, emails or any other advertising approach. Augmented reality With the integration of various digital features like graphics, sounds, visuals, technology AR is an enhanced real physical world. Thus, it’s basically an enhancement of the real physical world with the use of visualization features, sensory stimuli, graphics and other aspects to give your viewers the best experience. Programmatic Advertising Programmatic advertising is the combination of human negotiation and AI for optimum use of your advertisement to lead to more targeted and specific advertising. AI is used for automation of your ads where you are provided with numerous parameters of targeting skills to have more specific and result proven ad campaigns. Automated Email marketing Email automation has been the most commonly used trend in digital marketing. With the introduction of various automated tools like MailChimp, drip, woodpecker etc. it has made it easy for marketers for their email processes and has been provided by numerous features for making process time savvy and smooth. Shoppable Content Shoppable content generally refers to any content in your posts that have a direct link for users to your page where they can shop your product. It has become the most used trend and is most beneficial to eCommerce businesses. There are many other numerous digital marketing trends that are being followed up by marketers and are giving way more convenience plus results to the marketers like reels, influencer marketing, user generated content and many more. This keeps on updating to more finer versions as per the introduction of various new trends in the market. – by /hq/propelguru01 – –

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