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  • What is it like to work on a team?

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  • Maverick

    October 26, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    I’m an self-taught developer, still in school and haven’t started looking for work yet, and one thing I haven’t learned is how to code in a team properly. Not because of any personality problems; I used to study Computer Science, and we did have group assignments for the early programming-related courses, but they never actually taught us how to collaborate on code, or even how to use Git. Even though we were all decent programmers in the team (as decent as freshmen/sophomore can be), and none of us were assholes, our workflow was inefficient. I know how to use Git now, for solo projects, but I definitely don’t know how to actually work in a team. What’s the workflow like? How do you make sure the thing you’re working on won’t break what your coworker’s doing? What can I do for right now, as a self-taught developer, that’ll prepare me for this? – by hq overview leotaku8 – –

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