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  • What is the best way to build and launch a new design on a several hundred page site that has daily content updates?

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  • SharonP

    December 9, 2021 at 2:03 pm

    We’re redesigning a client’s site over the next couple of months. It’s running Elementor, has 700+ pages, and their employees update content on the site on a daily basis. We have a staging site set up where we’re testing and finalizing all the new styling, and we’re trying to find the best workflow that allows us to push new styling to the live site without overriding any content. The goal is a process that lets us not worry about any content changes that might have occurred since we created the staging site. I found VersionPress which seems similar to what we’re looking for. It’s no longer being developed and is meant more as a “Developer Preview” rather than something to use on a live website. Some of the ideas we’ve had so far: After the designs are approved, we could build a single, large page that contains most of the types of elements found on the website. All those elements would have the new styling, and we can use Elementor’s “paste styling” feature to copy from there and paste new styling onto live pages. The downside of this would be that the site will have some new styling and some old styling since it would take at least several days to get through all the pages. We could probably get permission from the client to have the new styling launch in sections, but it’s not the cleanest approach. Freezing content updates and having them send all of those requests to us. This is doable, but we’d be performing those changes twice since we’d have to update the live and staging site to keep them in sync. Watching what updates they do via something like the “Simple History” plugin, and duplicating those changes onto the staging site. This is incredibly tedious and our least favorite option since we are just a couple of developers and they have over a dozen employees updating various parts of the site. We looked into possible Git workflows, but I haven’t been able to find a solid answer on whether or not content changes made from within wp-admin could be easily pulled into the repository. Please let me know if you have any other ideas we should explore. – by /hq/NicksIdeaEngine – –

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