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  • What is the best way to structure your AdWords campaigns ?

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  • David

    October 26, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    Split campaigns by match type and topic. More work in the short term, but way more control. Exact match campaigns get 70–80% of budget, and are rarely budget limited, i.e. the business can’t service the demand. If you ‘agree’ on a keyword, it should be fed budget. End of story. Exception, single keyword campaigns for very specific, high performing keywords. These are goldmine keywords, you might have 1 or 100, either way they should be unrestricted and managed in isolation. Cherished. They are likely sensitive to every change, be it page, sitelink, ad copy or schedule. A keyword should only be in your account if it’s working, otherwise it’s negative. Think about that one. If you can’t add it (positive), then negative it. Exception – testing phrase and broad (discovery). Create negative lists from exacts and phrases, they are shared and applied to all broad campaigns. Do the same for exact negatives on your phrase campaign. We will sometimes split campaigns by device too. You might be wondering why when we have device bids. If the account volume (clicks) is large enough, each campaign gets a specific 24/7/365 custom schedule. – by hq overview imamanyadav – –

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