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  • What is your “turns out” that made sense?

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  • Katie

    November 28, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Mine was when I had the idea to create an App that would let self-employed professionals (like hair-dressers/mechanics etc) receive and organize appointments and payments for my country in native language. Then I did little research and found that about two years ago team of devs was developing that kind of app. So I visited their site – it was down, download links for the app not working too. They had in my opinion big pre-launch and launch marketing compaign too. I had a question – “why it didn’t worked out?”. Then I asked some questions to the potential audience (self-employed professionals). So what I learned – they do not want that kind of app, because all income will be taxed/registered and they will have no time or desire to organize the app, they barely can answer the phone. So that made sense to me. Maybe this would work in other countries, but I researched only about what I was interested in. Also remembered that scene where Berta in Two and a Half men said that she had a doughnut shop near the police station and she said – “Can’t go wrong, right? Turns out police don’t like to pay for the doughnuts.” So I think if we share our stories, maybe someone will save some time. – by /hq/kjuuz – –

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