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  • What kind of home server do I need?

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  • Maverick

    September 13, 2019 at 2:47 am

    I recently baught a new gaming PC for home want to convert my old one, which is still high end into a usefull home server. I sadly have no Idea how to set it up or what I even need. But I want to seperate everything “developing” completely off of my gaming pc. I only want to remote access my dev invornments wihtout having to install any dependencies there. ​ At home I may want to do some web dev stuff and I am looking into learning mashine learning with pyton so GPU needs to be accessible from the virtualisation of that dev environment. I had some hyper-v virtualisations on my home pc but I had it several times that I lost data. Or I ran into problems with other VM solutions(vagrant, docker) where I had to change VM bios settings to have them running but then the other ones wouldn´t work. ​ I was thinking about a hyper V cluster/server maybe? Though I am not sure if I even need it. At work I am the sole “developer” so I also have no idea how a proper development environment should look like. I might want to go into self-employment. ​ Features I think I need / want data storage / web storage backup of data storage backup for data of PC´s in network Webserver FTP server Set up multiple VM environments for development. Either (hyper-v, docker and vagrant should be possible) VMs should be able to access the servers GPU. VMs should have access to the data storage. Question: Would you put this all in one mashine or seperate it? Do a hyper-V cluster? Would you even store your projects locally or would you just create git repos from a simple windows server and have clean VM images boot up (e.g. docker) that you would run then pull the git repo each time you want to start working? – by hq overview v3ritas1989 – –

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