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  • What should we prioritize: Following up with previous users, or move on quickly?

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  • David

    October 31, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    The title might not be very accurate. This is sorta long story, so bear with me. I just had a serious discussion with my co-founder yesterday. What happens is this: We built a product, has some traction, low retention rate, no business model yet We tried a new product (built on top of the existing one, but separately on the webpage), make some ads to get some users, no signs of rocket shipping It’s 3 days after 2 happened, I don’t know what to do (no new ideas, not seeing light in the current iteration of the product), and my co-founder is trying to build something based on the users feedback, but in my opinion, that feature doesn’t help us finding a business model, it won’t get users paying So I dragged him out of the work and had a discussion about the situation. The outcome is this: We’re people with different styles. I want to move quickly and take more risks, and I think startups are about finding a point where it takes off like a rocket ship, he wants to iterate incrementally and eventually reach a point where we are confident things are working/not working and why. This happened a bunch of times. Take the ads example, I think we should move on, because there’s no sign of positive metrics He thinks we should follow up to find out why the ads is not working, and iterate on the ads itself, till a point where we’re confident that this product itself is not working, not we did something wrong with the ads. His reasoning is since we’re not experts on ads, we’ve only done very basic ads, no retargeting, no wording optimization, so he thinks there’s a high chance the ads itself is bad. Even though I see no point of following up with previous users since we didn’t have a proper business model there, but he thinks we should spend some time doing that, for a) gathering new info about the industry and the market, b) some new ideas would involve out of that time spent, and there is a new idea he proposed after spending some time with them, I’ll give him that. We can’t agree on each other on this, I don’t think it is possible to convince each other, and that’s not my goal. We agreed on we need to find a way to work together on this. My question is, probably a more general one, it’s like the question of “should we pivot or iterate”. The tricky thing is what is the definition of pivot vs iterating. My heart fully learns to “pivot” in the sense of the above context, but my issue is, I’m constantly stuck in the mode of not knowing what to do (out of ideas), and anxiety. On the other hand, my co-founder, since he thinks it’s valuable to follow up with current users, doing newsletters, sending emails, hanging out in where the users might be, those sort of things. He seems to have things on his plate. Many times I don’t agree on what he is doing because I see no value to help us finding a business model, but as said above, he thinks we should learn about the industry and new ideas will surface along the way. Thanks for reading. I’m not asking for a confirmation on yes/no, cause I think this is a complicated matter (even though my ego wants that). Any suggestions you might have, on coordination in such cases, or pivoting vs iterating, I would be really grateful for that. Thanks! PS: Our consensus is that we won’t change the industry. Separate story, but that one we agreed on already. – by hq overview shivawu – –

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