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  • What title I should call myself?

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  • Christine

    September 1, 2019 at 2:32 am

    I just started a small startup late last year and we already have 30 people now (we started with just 5). As a joke my name card says “Master Builder 1” (yep we love Lego) as myself and another person originally setup almost everything from scratch ourselves. His one is Master Builder 1 also, when people ask why both have numbers instead of… well no numbers we just said the printing company screwed up. Well we decided to change our titles now (we are not in constructions and that title is apparently a real title in constructions industry, who knew,, well we knew but we originally didn’t care) What other title I can call myself. I don’t want to use CEO, I think it is pretentious when I have nowhere near the experience, also I think it is a bit boring, also the only tech company we know with two CEOs was Blackberry (formerly RIM(formerly alive)) Some of my colleague suggested dark lord of the Sith but our revenues are not anywhere near enough to fight the real Sith order (i.e Disney lawyers). Founder is too generic, Any suggestion? Nothing too crazy. I want to be able to show my business card to my parents you know 🙂 – by hq overview VidE27 – –

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