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  • What’s it like getting into the supplement business… specifically liquid?

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  • Margaret

    December 8, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    I’ve been researching into various supplements for years now as a hobby, and have come up with certain combination of supplements that gives a noticeable energy/mood lift, with the added bonus of conditioning hair skin and nails (and bones theoretically). Right now it tastes like shit, but the thing is, it actually works, unlike bullshit products that act more like a temporary boost that wears off eventually. I can always figure out a way to improve the flavor, but it’s one of those products that would definitely sell itself. The mood/energy improvement is natural, and noticeable on day 1 or 2, without the superficial effect of caffeine (or vitamin B for that matter). The hair/skin/nails you notice growing faster/stronger in about 2 weeks. The good thing about this from a business standpoint is, there are a few ingredients that are ‘secret.’ Of course I have to list all the ingredients, but what I mean is, there’s a special process needed to ‘activate’ them. Something I found and haven’t seen come up even with a google search. The ingredients are all legal supplements/herbs lol. Also, being sold as a ‘drink’ it has a quick consumption rate, and therefore people would likely be buying large quantities to continue reaping benefits. It’s not a prop-up-health product, it’s actually really healthy and can continue being taken regularly to maintain great health. Ok, all that aside, assuming I have a winning product here, I wouldn’t know where to start with the manufacturing. I mean, I have an idea (getting an FDA-approved production facility, etc.), but does anyone have any experience in this area? Hell, if I found investors with deep enough pockets, I’d send them free samples of this drink so they can see for themselves. TL;DR: I have developed an effective unique supplement, does anyone have experience in this area that can provide tips or direction? – by /hq/michgilgar – –

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