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  • What’s the best way to bring specialized electronics or computer devices to market?

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  • Christine

    October 29, 2019 at 6:17 am

    I have a number of ideas for either computer or electronics devices that I know would be fairly popular if they were available on the market. Some of them are basically standard devices with unique options added to them, so creation of the device could be pretty simple as the entire device wouldn’t need to be designed from the ground up, but only adding a few parts to the circuit board. In other cases it would be an entirely new design, creation/layout of the board and designing the casing. All of these products can fairly easily be made as a functional prototype but the hardest part is creating the physical casing b/c of the cost of mold design and such, but there are already products on the market which are basically the same shape/size so they could be used in place of creating a new prototype design from scratch. IDK if that would be a problem or not, but if investors think the idea is good, then creating the body/case would need to be done anyway, but IDK if that needs to be done before pitching the product. What is the best way to get manufacturers interested in the product or investors interested in funding the idea? Would it be best to approach established companies and do a product demo or trying to form a new company that once the product is being produced (hopefully with some financial/investor backing) either sell the product/company or continue operating if it is a better option. So what is the best way to find either investors or funding for ideas like this? – by hq overview KDE_Fan – –

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